Physical transformation

English: The gymnasticon, a late-18th-century ...

English: The gymnasticon, a late-18th-century exercise machine invented by Francis Lowndes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ok, I’m going to do it. Wait, there is that pile of laundry to do…Ok, now I’m going to do it. But, I need socks. Where are those socks? Crumb. They are at the bottom of the basket, unsorted. **phone rings** I forget what I was going to do….hmm….Let’s go to the library, little Chickie.


And so goes my days. The “it” I was going to do is get on the elliptical in my basement. Not so hard in theory, but hating exercise like I do, there are a gazillion reasons not to get on it for the 20 min’s I’m trying to do 3-5 times a week.

My weight is at an all-time high. I know how I got here. It’s not like my sudden (it seems that way) weight increase is surprising. I have spent most of my days in my bed, at some point, this last winter. Hardly any exercise, at 40-something yrs old, will do that to a person’s mass.

My energy is increasing but still not where I’d like it. In fact, I found that after exercising, the next day I am not only sore in the normal muscles, I am sore in my joints AND my energy takes a dive. It’s not fair, I tell ya!  I want to motivate myself right into a great shape but when your body slaps you upside with more pain than usual, well, it’s hard. Yes, I’m being a bit whiny. Sorry.

How do I work past the pain that greets me upon putting my feet on the ground in the morning when I haven’t even stepped on them yet? How do I get through the swollen joints that make bending anything really painful? To hop on my machine (which is a really smooth ride but still an exercise machine) is not on my top priority list.

I really want to be passed this. Taking the time to recover from whatever it was that sent me spinning down a dark and lonely hole of intense pain and fatigue makes me want to scream. I like instant gratification. I was made for this generation.I like to have things happen right away. This recovery is not happening fast enough.

So, I plod along and get my butt off

this chair and get it moving.

One step at a time.


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