Ok, I admit it

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I miss Facebook right now. Yes, you heard me. I just posted yesterday that I didn’t miss it that much. But that was before almost annihilating myself over Kid Snippets. I laughed so hard I didn’t make noise. My kids were just watching me like I’d lost my mind, but they are seriously funny people. You should lighten up your spirit and watch a few of them. I wanted to share all the funny with my “friends”. Laughing is good for the soul.

Then, I was reading an article at Squawkfox and it was so good. I resonated with the post The real reason you’re broke and the “not making enough money” bit. One of my kids asked what I “did” before we had kids. I looked at him with a “what do you mean, exactly?” look. Then I proceeded to sputter through something that sounded like an excuse but was really sound reasoning at the time. We determined before we got married that I would be a stay-at-home mom and taking seven years to accomplish that wasn’t in the plans. Seven years of thinking parenthood was right around the corner goes by achingly slow, yet really fast at the same time. I could have been a Doctor or a Nurse or a teacher (ha ha ha ha) with all that time to spare before having kids. Instead, we ministered together. Time well spent, even if I don’t have a degree or a trade to put on a resume. I’m not going anywhere soon anyways. If only I could put “what I do now” on a resume. It would rock.

I also felt like sharing a book that I thought looked awesome for parents. I have read this blog off and on for a while now. Apparently, she wrote a book. It looks great! She also just had twins. They are adorable and make me want babies, but then again, not so much.

All these things I wanted to “share” with my peeps on FB and yet, here I am, in the middle of February with a FB fast on the go.

I am really learning a lot though. I am also reading my Bible and other books, which has been great. I wonder how I had any time before my “fast” because I don’t have time now, without FB to distract me. Also, I’ve not been online hardly at all yet my days disappear. I must have handled life better (ahem) way back two weeks ago….

There you have it. I will admit it. I miss my family and friends who communicate regularly without me. In fact, I even missed an engagement for a WHOLE WEEK of someone who is an actual real life family member. No harm no foul. It happens. But it made me miss it more, to miss something big like that because I am not in the mainstream social networks.


2 responses to “Ok, I admit it

  1. while we miss you too – trust me, you’re not really missing anything 🙂

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