I have been so thrilled that this is my last day on “The Elimination Diet“. Last day, meaning, it was supposed to be. I’ve tested new foods for a few days already. I have felt the reactions my body has had when I’ve mistakenly had dairy or something else. My body is at a point in it’s healing that I can tell what is hurting me and what is ok. So I thought, why not? Let’s just start testing.

English: A photo of a cup of coffee. Esperanto...

English: A photo of a cup of coffee. Esperanto: Taso de kafo. Français : Photo d’une tasse de caffé Español: Taza de café (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I guess my first test was coffee. I cut out coffee for a week and noticed a HUGE difference in my stomach comfort. I didn’t know whether it was the coffee or the creamers (cream) that created the tummy upset, so I drank black coffee one morning…yuck!  But my tummy was fine. Yay coffee! Then I tried the black gold with Lactose Free Milk and….another yay!  No reaction. I thought I was going to get up and dance!! I mean, if the solution was as easy as lactose intolerance, there is ways around that!

Problems with headaches started today.Soooo, I’m thinking dairy might be out for good… BUMMER!  I love my coffee with milk. **Insert whiny voice** I know there are non-dairy creamers they are filled with sugar and chemicals…and I don’t like them…I like my creamy coffee.  I’m not thrilled about that. Anyways… Coffee good, Dairy bad.

then I tried Eggs…jury is still out. I’m going to try it again tomorrow.

It’s Introduction or Testing  time. Which I am loving. Yahoo! for adding new foods to see what they do to my body…. Boo for foods that make me sick (of this I am sure there are some) that I will not be able to eat, except on special occasions. Baked goods that contain egg, dairy and wheat may come up as a “no no” for me…boo.

Chocolate Cupcakes

Chocolate Cupcakes (Photo credit: Renée S.)

This “fast” of sorts (cutting out food I like and eating healthier), has been an eye-opener for me.

One, I realized that in the power of God I can do even the hardest of things. And with fatigue laying me flat and headaches just around the corner, making food by scratch and cooking two meals for every mealtime about drove me crazy, lu lu, nutty…you get it.  Fatigue and making everything from scratch did not coexist very well and I found myself in tears a few times over mealtime and the lack of anything interesting for my dear husband and I to eat. I just didn’t want to keep doing it, but my hubby kept encouraging me. Tried to make the diet easier by buying “safe” foods. It was sweet.

I realized that a person really can’t eat healthily without putting some real thought and effort into what is going into their foods, esp with food sensitivities. YOu have to plan meals extensively, go shopping (uninterrupted with children) and then revise meals because you couldn’t find the stuff on your list (oh how it stinks to live in the middle of flippin’ nowhere!)

I’ve learned you absolutely can’t stick to a budget because you are cooking with things you never have cooked before and those things are EXPENSIVE! But basically it’s a treasure hunt to find those little expensive items that would make your meal tastier or not. Not all ingredients are helpful in making food taste good.

I have learned that it’s not about the food. Food is for fueling your body. If you fuel your body with good food, it will get better. Easy. ha.  It’s not about how easy it is. It isn’t. It was time that I learned I could survive on nothing more than rice, beans, chicken, sweet potato and smoothies. That’s not a lot of variety. Oh, I’ve had my choice of veggies, except peppers, potatoes and tomatoes…that cut out a lot of variety in recipes for me. I couldn’t have my regular installment of Ketchup. Ack!  This week I test Tomatoes. I hope it comes up NOTHING. I can’t live without an occasional pizza. LOL I’ve missed pizzas.

Healthy Berries are Good Food for Health

Healthy Berries are Good Food for Health (Photo credit:

This has been a spiritual time of reflection too. I have looked at this fast as an opportunity to grow closer to my Lord as well. At times, I have said “REally, Lord? Couldn’t you have done the instant healing thing for me?” But then I am certain he wanted to me to have a part in my healing. Take ownership of where I am now…and look back to see where I had been. I want to move forward…not back. Both spiritually and physically I am moving forward. I want to keep it that way, as hard as it is.

Hope is resurging.


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