Ready in the waiting


It’s that seemingly endless part of looking ahead to something and wishing it were now. Whether looking ahead to an exciting event, or waiting to receive news you don’t really want to get…well, it’s all waiting.

My dear husband and I have waited on the Lord for direction. We have pursued the direction we think we are to go but three specific times we’ve gotten a resounding “NO, not yet”. It hasn’t just been a “Is He saying no or are we just perceiving it as a no?” Very specifically and uniquely the answer has been a “NO.”

so then, in our waiting, do we go ahead and think that God is just saying no in those specific examples? Or is he saying No over all? Do we step ahead in the general task or do we stop all forward direction?

Waiting is so hard.

We waited so incredibly long when we were trying to have children. Seven years! We waited and pleaded for seven years. And you know what? At the end of our waiting we KNEW that our little son was the one that we were waiting for. The direction to have children was not a NO answer, it was a WAIT answer. And it was worth the wait.

I have waited for healing too. Waiting and laying in bed. Oh, it’s driven me almost mad. Why does he tarry? Why does he let me just lay here when I could be doing “so much” for his kingdom?

In all actuality, I know why we are waiting in a few different areas of life. WE are not ready yet. There is still more to do here, right where we are. Our hearts and our spirits are in the process of being molded and shaped for whatever he has next.

But in the waiting, we are where he wants us. Ready, willing, still, listening, watching, trusting.

With my face on the ground and my hands lifted up I accept the waiting.

Lord, in the waiting, change me and make me ready for your direction. Whatever it is.


2 responses to “Ready in the waiting

  1. Waiting…I understand what you’re saying. I’ve found that in some cases, in the waiting period, my perspective can change – or God molds my plan – into something different and even better than I could have imagined. So yes, I’m waiting but the end is different than I thought it was going to be. I waited for cancer treatment to be over so I could get my “normal” life back. Well, treatment is pretty much over and I thought I wanted my normal life back but it seems that normal isn’t normal anymore. And I’ve found that if you stand still while you’re waiting, you are the one losing out on life and the opportunities all around you go unnoticed because you’ve been too busy waiting. Because really, life is in the journey, not the destination, right? Just some of my thots as I read your post. I appreciate your honest sharing, Marcy. May you experience God’s blessings and supernatural joy as you continue to travel your own unique journey.

    • Well said Sherri! You just said what I didn’t get to in my post. You are so right. The waiting changes you and you never actually (usually) stay in the same spot even when waiting. Normal is a relative term. 🙂

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