Hello 2013!

Out with the old, in with the new…at least that’s what they say, right?

We are bringing this new year in with fevers, sickness and pain. I would say it couldn’t get much worse, but I would be highly exaggerating. Truth is, we are actually taking a “day off” with everyone feeling under the weather. Oddly enough, the weather seems to be warmer outside. At least, that’s what someone told us who’d been out there.

My dear man and I are starting an Exclusion Diet, which pretty much excludes everything we eat normally. I am doing it because my body has gone into crisis mode and is not treating me well. My main man is doing it because he’s trying to support me. He’s awesome like that. Also, he has issues of his own that may be illuminated by this venture into “healthy eating”. I won’t go into his gory details, but when I was visiting the naturopath, I was not only thinking of my own health, but his also. When she told me things about me, I immediately thought about him too.

So, here we are, at the beginning of a fresh new year, surrounded by coughing and feverish kiddos and trying to start this diet.

I’ve been really bad at sticking to whatever is difficult or requires persistence. I am pretty sure this is why God has placed some extreme challenges in my life. To teach me perseverance. Obviously, I still have a lot of learning to do!

Even tonight, as I scratch my head at what to feed the two of us, I feel like saying “pish posh” and being done with it. Also, the arrival of cinnamon buns this afternoon made us both waver in our self-control…but we (so far) have abstained from the gluteny goodness. Sigh!

Cinnamon roll buns fresh from the oven.

Cinnamon roll buns fresh from the oven. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I believe this Elimination Diet will be a good reflection of what is happening to me spiritually. Instead of dreading this time of my life (three weeks for the diet) I am looking forward to what it will show me. What God will teach me. As I take each baby step in this process, I depend on God for my strength and perseverance, because, as I said, I stink at it. I think I’ll fail before I start. I look at this diet as a spiritual fast. As I am sure I will be tempted to give in, I want to reflect on what Christ has given me. All of him. At the cross. What should I give him? All of me. Every broken or awesome part of me.

Instead of being disappointed in how this year started, I am thankful for the day of rest it has required of us. It has given us some quiet and reflection. It’s maybe not what I had envisioned, but I take it as it is.


2 responses to “Hello 2013!

  1. Elma Plett Kaus

    Thanks for including me in this group, Marcia. I really enjoy reading your blogs. You are an amazing writer. 🙂

  2. My pleasure Elma! I’m glad you find it enjoyable 🙂

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